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Traveling The World

Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:54 pm by Neos

Depending on what powers you have most people can be everywhere within seconds. But either way be logical and when moving to a new location just put to be continued in the place your leaving.

For creating an topic, give the title something that would be interesting. For example: The topic is about an space battle so you would put something like "Skirmish In The Stars"

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Power System

Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:04 pm by Neos

With great powers comes regulations. We arn't going to force you to get a bunch of weaknesses but make sure your not too overpowered for the level of power you have and for those who evole into the high ranks give yourself something that will level out yourself.

Power Levels:

Newborn - newborn is a level for those who just discovered their powers and can barely use them with it most of the …

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Banned and Limited Powers

Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:26 am by Neos

Everything with an X next to it is BANNED

If it has a number that's the number of people that can use that power

If a power is not on this list it means It's unlimited and can be used

If it doesn't have anything next to it, it's unlimited but being watched

•Power Bestowal 3
•Power Negation 3
•Power Erasure X
•Power Morphing X
•Power Replication X
•Power Absorption 3

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Rules of Superhero Universe

Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:14 am by Neos

Anyone choosing to break the following rules will be punished as if they did read the rules. No exceptions.

1) Respect everyone around you. This includes your peers and especially your superiors. A little teasing between friends is fine but if it is clear that the other person is not feeling it, it will be considered bullying.

2) Bullying. If I see it going on, you will be punished accordingly.

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(Cosmic Order)Neos

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(Cosmic Order)Neos  Empty (Cosmic Order)Neos

Post by Neos on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:03 am

Character Real Name: Neos

Superhero Name: None

Power Level: Godlike

Experience Points: 150,000

Age: Unknown( Theorized to be created by the Cosmic Order when the sun formed, 4.567 billion years ago.)

Affiliation: The Cosmic Order

Birthday: Unknown

Nationality: Earth's Solar System

Sexuality: Un-bias

Character Image:
(Cosmic Order)Neos  C_data19Human Fusion Form

Author Authority - Neos is an transcendent existence in the reality as an " Storyteller" and " Character". He controls the reality like an author controls a work of fiction with the same absolute authority. He can't fully control or change people with the extent being minor boost in power at best but he can control his own existence and everything around the "Characters" with little limit at all.

(Specific abilities granted by Author Authority):

Logic Manipulation - Neos can achieve even the most unreasonable and impossible feats scaling from simple physical displays of strength to dimensional travel. He CAN'T alter or effect time in any way but he can completely control his own age.

Invulnerability - As long as Neos focuses on himself or others he can grant anyone immunity to almost all forms of harm with the few expections being those who can negate his power (like other cosmic entities) and magic.

Imagination Manifestation - Neos can bring any tools, beings, or materials into existence from his imagination. The larger and more complex the ideal object, the more time it takes to form. Neos also has to rest relative to the size of his creations after forming them.

Pillar (Selected members of the Cosmic Order who protect a specific part of the universe)

Quirks: Neos is absent-minded, and often sets his priorities on elements that are not nearly as important as the one at hand. He also has an extremely bad eating habit that if it wasn't for his abilities he would certainly be fat.

Members of the cosmic order are all related despite their differences in appearance and physiology. The head of the order(Parameter) originated from the Light(An Omnipotent Cosmic Being) with Parameter giving birth to the other six members which includes Neos.

Halona - His first born and only child that he made with an human woman a thousand years ago.

Most of Neos history and background is unknown but he himself has clearly stated he is a member of the cosmic order. He is the son of the cosmic order leader Parameter like the others and was born on the same day the earth's sun was formed. When earth first formed life, Neos was made an "Pillar" for the planet and it's solar system, keeping it in balance as life on it evolved. As the planet could maintain itself Neos decided to travel the galaxy and other parts of the universe, when he was done traveling he made earth his permanent home.

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